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Base rate cut helping to drive mortgage approvals

22.09.2016 By Polly Yeung

Mortgage approvals were up 6% in August, according to research by Equifax Touchstone, with the possibility of further growth for the rest of 2016. Equifax hinted that the Bank of England base rate reduction has helped to overcome the summer slowdown, as well as any post-Brexit slump in mortgages applications. Read More

Fictional houses for sale

13.09.2016 By Polly Yeung

Can I buy Marge and Homer Simpson’s house? Have you ever wondered what it would cost to buy the Simpson’s household or other fictional houses that you might have seen on TV shows and films? We’ve created this fun infographic to give you an idea of what it might cost you to… Read More

Flexible lending beyond state retirement age

31.08.2016 By Polly Yeung

TSB has relaxed its lending criteria for borrowers with mortgage terms that go beyond their state retirement age. Previously, if a mortgage went past the borrower’s state retirement age, TSB would class this as lending into retirement and base its lending on anticipated pension income. Now, as many people are living… Read More

Base rate lowered to 0.25%

04.08.2016 By Polly Yeung

What does the base rate change mean for mortgage rates? The Bank of England has reduced the Base Rate from 0.5% to 0.25%. With many people predicting the next base rate movement would be up, after over 7 years of the Bank keeping the base rate at 0.5%, we have finally seen some movement and for existing and potential mortgage borrowers it… Read More

Mortgage options available – Fixed rate and Tracker deals

29.07.2016 By Polly Yeung

David Blake of Which? Mortgage Advisers talks about the current fixed rate and tracker deals currently available in the market: Five year fixed rate mortgages “Rates across the whole market seem to be dropping slightly. The five year market remains very competitive as many people look towards longer term stability… Read More

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