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Buying a house is often complex and confusing, no matter how many times you’ve been through the process, but for a first-time buyer, it can be an even more daunting experience. Here at Which? Mortgage Advisers, we understand how stressful it can be. To take you through the entire process, in an easy to understand way, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide for first-time buyers – from saving up for your deposit, to working out council tax, we’re here for you!

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Thank you for your assistance and advice in arranging my remortgage. I really liked the fact that I was benefiting from your and your colleagues wealth of experience in dealing with different lenders


We were very satisfied with the service and have recommend it to several friends as a result. Your advice was great – you took the time to explain everything clearly and carefully, which was very useful for someone who didn’t know much going into this.

Adam Cochrane

We think your service was excellent in every way – from the initial advice to the completion of the remortgage. There was no hassle whatsoever and we are very well pleased. We will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know who may be interested. Thank you very much.

Mr and Mrs Thwaites

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You’ve made it through the nail-biting process of buying your first home, so well done! Now you’re officially a home-owner, there’s only one last decision to make – who’s washing up?

If you would like to speak with a qualified Which? Mortgage Adviser, please call
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