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Haunted homes from Fiction

Would you dare buy a haunted house?

We’re all familiar with that uneasy feeling when a floorboard squeaks in the middle of the night. But what would it be like to live in a real-life haunted house? With Halloween just around the corner, what better time to tour the homes of the supernatural?

In horror films and on TV, a property is often a major character – and often just as important as the rest of the cast. And, if you can manage to look past their complicated history, some of the houses are rather impressive.

We’ve explored some of our favourite haunted houses and valued them – from zombie-overrun farmhouses to gothic marshland estates. Check our sale adverts below for a selection of the best.

Our valuation was approached with the utmost transparency. Ok, some of the legal contracts are slightly longer than normal and the feng shui is a little off. But who doesn’t love a DIY project?

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to view the properties ourselves. However, it was the perfect opportunity to rewatch some of the best Halloween movies and scary TV shows. We used a number of factors to determine prices, including local property values.

Of course, not all these houses exist in real life and the properties have been valued purely for entertainment purposes.

So, the question is… would you dare to live in a haunted house if you could bag a bargain?

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